Podcast 1: Mesmer

To celebrate the launch of the podcast, take a gander at the very first episode: Ol’ Magnet Hands Mesmer. Trust me, the podcast is twice as good as reading it– unless you’re some kind of snob who believes people should read. Ugh. 

If you’re curious about launching a podcast of your own, I’d highly suggest checking out the service Buzzsprout.com. 

Buzzsprout is a podcast hosting service that gives you a place to store your files, and even direct them to libraries like iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher. If you’re not quite that far ahead and just looking to get started, they also have a wealth of free guides for recording techniques, hosting (public speaking) skills, and much, much more. There are paid services, but for what Cock & Bull is trying to do, I’m impressed that their free plan encompasses the 2 hours of content we produce per month. Up next, I’ll have to look into advertising and social media strategies.

Stay tuned for a new article about someone smelly. 

And racist. Very, very criminally racist. Probably should have put that part up front. 

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