Podcast 2: Sealand

Episode 2 of our podcast is live! Check it out on iTunes and Google Play Music!

I wanted to throw a quick little nod to social media analytics with this post as well. I never really thought that there was a perfect time to post things, but I was surprised to find that there’s a whole bunch of research behind it. Media marketing being as big as it is though, it kind of makes sense. To keep it nice and simple, the best tips I’ve learned are to post late into the week or on weekends, starting on Wednesday at the earliest (which, incidentally, is when we release our podcasts). For most social media platforms, you’ll want to aim for noon and early afternoon to guarantee the largest pull of viewers before your stuff gets buried by the evening or late-night posters, and endures in the limelight as long as possible (on average). Tumblr, the blogging platform known best for its quality anime memes and social echo-chambers, is best used for later postings, though, as that’s when the sight is most active, and you’re legitimately competing to stay as recent as possible on your follower’s dashboards. For my purposes though, I’ve started small on this project and stick mostly to promoting via Facebook and Twitter. By the time episode 5 is up, I’ll have started plugging these social media pages at the end of the episode to make sure people know what to follow if they so choose. If you’re looking to stay on top of the release schedule though, subscribing with a podcast app on your smartphone is always the easiest way to do it.

Hope all is well in your worlds, because I can’t express how happy I am to be working on this podcast.



Spencer Foust


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