Podcast 3: Henry Goddard

Ahoy! It’s episode three of our critically acclaimed podcast! Here’s a link for those of you that want to use our website to check it out. If you use typical podcasting apps, though, it’s much more convenient to use those.

I’m very excited to say that the podcast is moving very smoothly. As much as I enjoyed the process of building this website, I’m confident saying that the podcast is absolutely the endgame of this project. More on that later, though.

Today I wanted to talk about something regarding the podcast hosting site we use. Buzzsprout, a new and budding platform (get it?), is a low-cost platform, to be sure. When we were looking at Libsyn, their baseline plan to get podcasts up on iTunes and Google platforms was a minimum of $5 for only 50mb a month. For reference, the average version of our podcast is roughly 30mb. As you can probably guess, 50mb a month for a show like ours that plays four times a month isn’t exactly ideal.

Buzzsprout, though, had a FREE plan that offered two hours of content a month. Notice the difference here, in that Libsyn measures by file size, while Buzzsprout measures by episode length. Buzzsprout’s method is ideal, really, because you can have a short episode that’s high in file size, in which case Libsyn can cut you off at 5 minutes if you’re data isn’t compressed. Buzzsprout, on the other hand, doesn’t care how high quality your files are. They just care about the length.

Now when Nathan and I picked out Buzzsprout, we were eyeballing their paid plan for 3 hours per month, priced at $12. Just yesterday, though, I learned something interesting. The two hour “allowance” that the free plan allows you is able to be pushed, ever so slightly. For example, if I post three episodes in a month and my allowance is down to just 2 minutes left, I can actually post an hour long episode. It will push my allowance by 58 minutes, but it will still be uploaded. I just get a message from Buzzsprout saying “alright, allowance is up. Come back next month.” What that means is by the time my allowance renews, it’s time for the next week’s episode. I can effectively upload 2 and a half hours of content monthly and still do it for free via Buzzsprout.

If you’re looking to host your own show on official podcasting platforms, I can’t recommend them enough. Even their paid plans are very efficient.


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