About The “Historian”

My name is Spencer Foust, and I’m the writer, researcher, and host of the Cock and Bull. I’m 21 years old, Missouri-raised, and a senior at the great mid-western beauty that is Truman State University. I’m studying for journalism, but I’ve always found myself more interested in reporting on the stranger things in life.

For years I’ve been inspired by podcasts like The Last Podcast on The Left and The Dollop, and their takes on “alternative” history– the sorts of stories they don’t tell you in your history classes. Nothing makes a crazy story any better than making it a true one, I’ve always believed. That’s why I aim to bring some of the strangest truths to light through this blog and its podcast: Cock and Bull.


Pictured: My passionate visage. This file is labeled as “headshot.jpeg” as if anyone has ever asked for my headshot.